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Salient Features

  • COMFORT ensures instant hot water in all taps and shower
  • Energy consumption can be minimised by adding the optional thermostat and timer to control the operation time
  • R 1/2 internal thread for easy installation

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  • Benefits
  • Material of Construction
  • Technical Data

COMFORT offers wide range of benefits

  • Brass housing pump
  • Whisper - quite operation
  • Maintenance - free
  • Long Lifetime
  • Liquid temp: +2 to 95`C
  • Optional timer
  • Easy Installation
  • Low-energy (25 Watt)
  • Connection: 1 X 230V, 50 Hz

All COMFORT pumps – with or without the AUTOADAPT function – combined with a return pipe deliver instantly hot water all over the house. This eliminates the expensive – and annoying – wait for the water to get warm and reduces the annual consumption of domestic water. The results are lower costs while still ensuring the comfort of instantly hot water.

A hot water recirculation system stops water, being wasted while people wait for their tap or shower to run hot. In fact, a typical household of three persons can save up to 16,000 litres of clean, costly water - every year